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Choosing the right WheelAir system for you can be a tough decision. With a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from, we receive lots of questions about our products and whether they meet peoples’ specific needs. We have decided to provide more in-depth answers to our most frequently asked questions...

Will it fit my wheelchair?

The WheelAir is designed to fit all wheelchairs. 

Our slingback is made to easily replace the backrest of any (rigid or foldable) wheelchair with a canvas sling back. Just remove your backrest (which should be attached with velcro) and leave the tension adjustable straps on the frame. Simply fold your WheelAir backrest over the tension adjustable straps and you’re good to go. The slingback is also available in 6 widths to fit all manual or power chairs with a tension adjustable strap system. You just need to measure the width of your current backrest cushion to determine which size is best for you. Visit for more information. 

If our slingback product isn’t quite right for you then the WheelAir system can be integrated in a rigid backrest. We have partnered with rigid backrest providers so that the WheelAir System comes pre-installed. Check out the ‘product’ section of our website or email us at for more information on how to get a rigid back via one of our partners. 

If you already own a WheelAir and you get a new wheelchair with a different width of backrest, you can purchase new parts for your WheelAir. The system (fan box and channels) fits in all standard sizes, so if you replace the foam and cover, you will be able to use your WheelAir on your new chair. Get in touch with the team at for all the information you need on our product range. If you wish to purchase a bespoke WheelAir (fitted exactly your wheelchair or personal specifications), then please email us with what you require and we will see what we can do.

For those of you with a powerchair, don’t worry! We have partnered with power chair companies to integrate our WheelAir system during the manufacturing process, so that all you need to do is select the option at point of purchase. To get an idea, here is an example of a Precision Rehab Paravan powerchair with an integrated WheelAir system:

Can I get a custom build?

Yes! We have partnered with custom moulded seating companies and hospital wheelchair services in multiple countries to make sure your WheelAir System comes pre-installed.

The system is designed for integration to custom moulded seating, which are known to create lots of unwanted heat and moisture due to their posture correcting qualities.

A good example of WheelAir’s adaptability for custom seating is the case study of Mr R, a 52-year-old man with cerebral palsy, pelvic obliquity, scoliosis concave, reduced hip flexion and a posterior rib hump. Seating and positioning has always been challenging for Mr R as he requires a close-fitting seating system due to his complex seating needs and impingement issues. Mr R’s long standing issues with overheating and perspiration all year round also prove to be a challenging factor when manufacturing an intimate seating system.

While some solutions offered slight improvements, nothing drastically influenced his ability to cool. After contacting WheelAir, Mr R’s occupational therapist saw the clinical need for the WheelAir system and a funding case was made. Then, a custom WheelAir system prototype was initially created for Mr R which embedded the rubber WheelAir channels into his backrest with a double layer of padding over the channels. 

Following some trials with the prototype, final adjustments were made including changes to the type of foam used to embed the channels. After a 12 month study, it has become clear that the WheelAir has significantly improved his life and that of those around him. He now needs his clothes changed only once per day, rather than four times per day, and barely shows any sign of sweating anymore.

Here is an example of how WheelAir fits in Custom Moulded Seating: 

 WheelAir V2 Product Render Still - Moulded Seating 


The WheelAir system is always integrated by the manufacturer and purchased by the manufacturer. For more information on how to embed WheelAir into a custom mould seat and to book a demo please contact our team at

Will WheelAir help with my overheating and over sweating issues?

Yes. For individuals struggling with overheating or over-sweating, managing skin microclimate can be a challenge. Research shows that WheelAir’s airflow reduces the temperature of the back 2.5˚C in 3 minutes and 8˚C in 30 minutes, while also lowering relative humidity. Lower humidity and temperature improves the skin’s microclimate to keep skin dry and clean to help reduce the likelihood of moisture lesions and pressure sores.

Overheating is commonly experienced by those with sweating dysfunction, such as Spinal Cord Injuries, as well as those with neurological conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy. An inability to sweat means there can be no evaporation heat loss. To help compensate for this, WheelAir was made to accelerate the remaining heat exchange mechanisms. 

In terms of over-sweating, excessive sweating is a common complaint among wheelchair users and is a risk for skin integrity and pressure sores, which can be exacerbated when using a custom moulded chair. The WheelAir’s active airflow takes away excess heat and moisture, reducing the risks of skin damage associated with humidity and temperature, and improving comfort for the user. 

For more information on how WheelAir helps prevent issues with overheating and over-sweating then take a look at our clinical indications at You can also request a copy of one of our literature reviews on overheating and over-sweating by contacting the team at

Will it help my condition?

This depends on the particular case but the WheelAir is designed to help people with all sorts of conditions who experience heat and sweat issues. For instance, overheating is commonly associated with Spinal Cord Injuries, as well as neurological conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy; while over-sweating is a common problem for people with Cerebral Palsy and Fibromyalgia. WheelAir is designed to mitigate against the worst effects of these conditions and keep wheelchair users cool and dry throughout the day. 

To get a better idea of which conditions WheelAir helps, read some of the testimonies of our users. These can be found in the “Case Studies” section of our website To read more, request a copy of one of our literature reviews from our team at

Does it cool the air?

No. The WheelAir is not “air conditioning”, so it does not cool down the air temperature before it goes through the backrest. Instead, it cools your back through accelerating convective, conductive and evaporative heat loss by dispersing air evenly across your back using the patented channel technology. Therefore helping you to avoid issues caused by overheating and over-sweating while keeping skin dry and clean. 

Our studies show that we can lower body temperature by 8˚C in 30 minutes and – when used preventively – can avoid any heat and moisture build-up altogether. Overall, the unique design lets you stay cool, dry, and in control throughout the day.