Sling Back V1

Our original backrest with an integrated WheelAir System.

A canvas backrest but taken to the next level, combining function and effortlessly stylish (and silent) design. The WheelAir backrest combines carefully selected fabric and foams to enhance your back support and comfort. Available in 6 widths to fit all manual or power chairs with a tension adjustable strap system.

Product Shot of V1 on a Wheelchair - Back View

Product Details

WheelAir in detail


Our product overview

20 hour battery

USB Chargeable

4 Cooling Settings

Machine Washable Removable Cover

Low Noise

Stylish Design

Durable Materials

6 widths or bespoke sizes available


Available in 6 widths to fit all active lightweight rigid and folding wheelchairs with a canvas backrest. Measure the width of your current backrest cushion to determine which size is best for you.
See our sizing guide here.

If you wish to purchase a bespoke wheelAIR (fitted exactly your wheelchair/ with personal specifications), then please email us on with what you require and we will be in touch.

Download product manual here.

1.2 kg
430 x 425 x 90mm
290mm, 330mm, 360mm, 400mm, 420mm, 440mm, Bespoke


What healthcare professionals and WheelAir users think

“When I overheat, I get bad spasms in my bad and in my legs. Whereas now, with the WheelAir, if I’m starting to get too warm, I can just turn it on and very quickly I’m feeling a lot better”


WheelAir PRO

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“ I’ve seen it first hand, the impact that overheating has on someone’s ability to carry out their daily activities and for their general well-being as well. Not just to simply carry out tasks, but for safety, the medical consequences as well, blood pressure, feeling of wellness. It is a significant issue”

Susie Turnbull

Advanced Occupational Therapist

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Most likely because of my Ehlers-Danlos, I have a lot of trouble with overheating. Sometimes my whole body overheats, and sometimes I get what I call “hot head” making me confused, tired, and overwhelmed. I have often collapsed due to how dizzy I can get from overheating. Trying to cool myself down is a challenge as often I just end up with a cold body and my head is still hot. Even though WheelAir just blows on my back, it actually cools my whole core and helps with my hot head"


WheelAir user


It's simple to attach your WheelAir backrest

The WheelAir is retrofitted and is designed to easily replace the backrest of any lightweight (rigid or foldable) wheelchair with a canvas back

Readily available in six sizes, WheelAir is made to assist most users with a manual wheelchair or a foldable power wheelchair. Additional sizes can be made to measure, both smaller and larger, as well as in different shapes to fit other back systems


WheelAir cools back temperature down by 8ºC in 30 minutes

A flow of isothermal air takes away any excess heat and moisture through convection, conduction and evaporation heat loss, reducing the risks of infection and irritation associated with humidity and temperature such as pressure ulcers and heat stroke. It is designed to reduce exhaustion, pain and discomfort caused by overheating or over sweating.

WheelAir Clinical Indications

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Frequently asked Questions

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How easy is it to replace my current backrest with WheelAir?

The WheelAir is designed to easily replace the backrest of any (rigid or foldable) wheelchair with a canvas sling back. Just remove your backrest (which should be attached with velcro) and leave the tension adjustable straps on the frame. Simply fold your WheelAir backrest over the tension adjustable straps and you’re good to go.

Will WheelAir fit on folding wheelchairs?

The WheelAir backrest is designed to easily replace the backrest of any (rigid or foldable) wheelchair with a canvas sling back. The WheelAir is available in six sizes in order to best match your current backrest width.

Do I need to take my WheelAir off to fold my active wheelchair?

If you have a rigid active chair, the WheelAir can stay on when folding forward the backrest. If you have a folding chair, thus the frame folding in the middle, the fan box needs to be removed, but the backrest can stay on the chair.

Will the WheelAir backrest change my posture in my chair?

Many WheelAir users describe the WheelAir cushion as a more supportive and posture correcting backrest compared to regular sling backs. This is due to the custom blend of high quality viscoelastic foams.