Sling Back V2

Our very own backrest with an integrated WheelAir System

A canvas backrest but taken to the next level, combining function and effortlessly stylish (and silent) design. The WheelAir backrest combines carefully selected fabric and foams to enhance your back support and comfort. Available in 6 widths to fit all manual or power chairs with a tension adjustable strap system.

Rigid Back

Your trusted back support, but better

When extra support is needed, a rigid back might be more suited to your needs. We have partnered with rigid backrest providers so that the WheelAir System comes pre-installed. More partnerships to be announced soon!

Custom Moulded Seating

Don’t compromise on posture to stay cool

Custom moulded seating systems are known to create lots of unwanted heat and moisture due to their posture correcting qualities. We have partnered with custom moulded seating companies and hospital wheelchair services in multiple countries to make sure your WheelAir System comes pre-installed.


Cooling is no longer reserved for high-end cars

Powerchairs naturally come with lots of features, yet cooling was never one of them... until now. We have partnered with power chair companies to integrate our WheelAir System during the manufacturing process, so that all you need to do is select the option at point of purchase. Coming soon!