Cushion Cover


The WheelAir Cushion Cover provides the moisture, humidity and temperature control benefits of the WheelAir system while keeping the pressure relieving  and shear force qualities and comfort of your existing seat cushion. 

Removing the existing cushion cover and placing the cushion inside the WheelAir cover instantly promotes even airflow distribution throughout the cushion, lowering relative humidity and significantly decreasing the speed at which the temperature rises. Temperature and especially humidity control are two defining factors in maintaining skin integrity by reducing the risk of heat and moisture associated skin damage and by keeping skin dry and clean. 


  • Optimal humidity control
  • Silent airflow
  • Fluid FlowTM channel technology
  • Anti Slip cover base
  • Available in 12 sizes (Measured depth x width x height) 
  • In addition to your current cushion
  • Washable cover
Prices mentioned are excluded taxes and/or Duties in country of destination.


Cushion is not included.