Cushion Cover

A ready-to-go cover transforming any cushion into a microclimate cushion

The WheelAir Cushion Cover provides the microclimate, humidity and temperature control benefits of the WheelAir system while keeping the pressure relieving and shear force qualities and comfort of your existing seat cushion.


Cushion cover product overview

27 hours battery life

6 airflow settings

Wireless Remote

Low Noise

USB-C Chargeable

12 sizes available

Stylish Design

Machine Washable Removable Cover

In addition to your current cushion

Manage humidity and temperature with the WheelAir Cushion Cover

WheelAir's airflow has a significant effect on relative humidity build-up over time and the reduction of temperature.

The WheelAir cushion cover can help dissipate temperature, perspiration, and moisture levels.

For the single-density foam cushion, mixed-density foam cushion, the air and moisture permeable compartmented air cell based cushion and lattice ‘honeycomb’ structure cushion, relative humidity reduced steadily while fitted with the WA CC and increased steadily while using the own-brand cover. For example, test results for the lattice ‘honeycomb’ cushion show a 39.8% difference at the end of the two-hour period.

For more information, view our Cushion Cover Tests here.


The WA CC can be used in every wheelchair with a removable cushion, given that there is an opening and space in the back for the Fanbox to hang. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss options for a custom cover, please get in touch with us.

If you wish to purchase a bespoke WheelAir (fitted exactly your wheelchair/ with personal specifications), then please email us on with what you require and we will be in touch.

Download product manual here.

40x40x06 cm, 45x40x06 cm, 45x45x06 cm, 40x45x06 cm, 45x50x06 cm, 50x50x06 cm, 40x40x10 cm, 45x40x10 cm, 45x45x10 cm, 40x45x10 cm, 45x50x10 cm, 50x50x10 cm


This product is available to buy direct from WheelAir.